Reaffirming Trade, Prosperity, Democracy in Colombia

By November 24, 2008Trade
  • CTV, “Canada signs free-trade agreement with Colombia“: “Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Colombian President Alvaro Uribe signed a free trade agreement between the two countries while at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meeting in Lima Friday.”


  • Japan Economic Newswire, “Japan, Colombia to start talks on investment pact“: “Japanese Prime Minister Taro Aso and Colombian President Alvaro Uribe agreed Saturday to launch talks on a treaty to increase protection of their bilateral investments, a Japanese official said.”


  • AFP, “Bush asks US to look after ‘good friend’ Uribe“: “‘He is a strong leader. He’s a good friend. And our Congress and our government must never turn our back on a friend like Uribe,’ Bush said during a speech at an APEC summit in Lima that was his last foreign trip as US leader.”


  • The Oregonian, “Keep the Faith with Colombia“: “The United States, and especially a trade-dependent state like Oregon, which sent more than $27 million in goods to Colombia last year, should welcome an improvement in the climate for selling goods to Colombia. And it should reward a friendly, effective government in Colombia for its support for American interests in South America.”


“Who can say there’s a dictatorship in Venezuela?” Chavez said, in a jab at his many critics.

“A new stage is beginning. For me, as the leader of the Venezuelan socialist project, the people are telling me: ‘Chavez, keep on the same path,'” the anti-US leader said.

The polls were seen as a test for Chavez and his drive for nationalization and social projects, amid growing discontent over escalating crime, corruption and inflation.



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