Pernicious Oil Companies and Speculators Strike Again

By November 6, 2008Energy

By dropping gas prices 11.6 percent in a single day’s time.

In North Dakota …

The price per gallon for regular unleaded gasoline dipped below the $2 mark Wednesday at some North Dakota gas retailers, including the Fargo area…[snip]

Gas prices in Grand Forks dropped sharply Wednesday. They have been significantly higher than Fargo prices in the past week or two. At Valley Dairy stores, the price was lowered from $2.40 to $2.12 a gallon on Wednesday. By evening, most gas stations in the community had made a similar 28-cent, 11.6 percent drop in one fell swoop.

We should really get to the bottom of this price gouging. How about an FTC investigation?

Even worse, now folks can finally again afford to drive the long distances that are typical in North Dakota and what happens? “No travel advised in southwestern ND“:

The National Weather Service issued blizzard warnings for southwest and south central North Dakota, including the cities of Bismarck and Dickinson. No travel was advised in southwestern North Dakota, including on Interstate 94 from New Salem to the Montana border, and in the city of Dickinson.

Oh, those manipulators.

UPDATE (4:24 p.m.):


Whom can we blame?

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