On Election Day, the Length of Lines

By November 4, 2008Energy, Miscellaneous

Wow. Interest must be really high. As the doors opened this morning, the line wound halfway around the block. Who knew that many people wanted to buy Lou Reed’s “Berlin: Live at St. Anne’s Warehouse” the day of its release?

What did you think we meant?

Anyway, at the Chevy Chase Community Center at 8 a.m., there were indeed long lines, but not for people whose last names begin with T-Z. Voting took a total of seven minutes. The precincts around here are remarkably diverse politically, at least by District standards. McCain will probably get a good 7, 8 percent of the vote.

Elsewhere among the auguries, right before we reached the polling place, a commuting bicyclist smacked right into a car, or vice versa. We spotted eight people calling in the accident on their cell phones. Civic involvement lives! (Ambulance and firetruck came within five minutes; the biker survived but injured.)

And at the intersection of Connecticut and M, NW this morning, 8:45 a.m., a dead deer, a buck. Deer in Rock Creek Park, absolutely, but at one of the busiest downtown interesections in the city? Couldn’t have been shopping at Burberry’s. The cabbie said he’d never seen anything like it in his 18 years in D.C. (Alas, no camera.)

Apropos dead animals on Election Day, we’d missed this news about yet another California ballot measure. From USA Today: “If passed Tuesday, Proposition 2 would prevent California farmers from confining egg-laying hens, pregnant pigs and veal calves in ways that don’t allow them to lie, stand and extend their limbs.”

Wonder if there’s an interview with any presidential candidate saying,  “So if somebody wants to build a confined-animal feeding operation, they can; it’s just that it will bankrupt them because they’re going to be charged a huge sum to meet all the regulations we’re imposing.” Would that be news?

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