Oh, Say Can You See the Reopened Museum of American History?

The Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History reopens on Friday after a two-year renovation project, a ribbon-cutting and entertainment kicking off a weekend of events.

The museum is known for housing the Star Spangled Banner, the giant United States flag that hung over Fort McHenry the night of the British attack on Baltimore when Francis Scott Key wrote the words to the later national anthem.

The museum also maintains an impressive Industry and Manufacturing Collection:

The Museum’s collections document centuries of remarkable changes in products, manufacturing processes, and the role of industry in American life. In the bargain, they preserve artifacts of great ingenuity, intricacy, and sometimes beauty.

The carding and spinning machinery built by Samuel Slater about 1790 helped establish the New England textile industry. Nylon-manufacturing machinery in the collections helped remake the same industry more than a century later. Machine tools from the 1850s are joined by a machine that produces computer chips. Thousands of patent models document the creativity of American innovators over more than 200 years.

And many other related collections, including…

Plus, the Bakelizer!

For anyone involved in the U.S. manufacturing economy, the museum is a must stop on a trip to Washington, D.C.




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