Have Yourself a Very Mer…

Heard the first Christmas carol of the year at a commercial establishment this morning at Caribou Coffee near NAM-HQ, “Have yourself a very, merry Christmas.”

It’s November 13th. Used to be that the piped in Christmas songs would start after Thanksgiving, now it’s Veterans Day. Seems like they’re missing a good 10 days at the start of November.

Can we at least update the lyrics for this particular season?

Well, the economy outside is frightful

And credit markets, tightful

But as long as we bitch and moan

Let it loan, let it loan, let it loan!

Oh, c’mon. That’s better than, “GSEs, disorient are.”

In any case, the change of seasons allows us to link to our favorite journalistic cliche, “X got an early Christmas present…


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