From the Left, Reaction to Rep. Waxman Chairmanship Election

By November 21, 2008Energy, Global Warming

The Huffington Post is a good site for reviewing the thoughts of the left-leaning commentariat, slightly more sophisticated in its venting of spleen than more “community” blogs a la Daily Kos. On the topic of Rep. Henry Waxman’s selection to be Chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee…

Jane Hamsher, 11.20.2008

This week the Senate voted to remain an exclusive club of self-protection and entitlement by letting Bush enabler Joe Lieberman keep his gavel, but the House has voted for progress.

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Kevin Grandia, 11.20.2008

Waxman is now in a position to haul the energy executives onto to the floor and expose this campaign just like he did with Big Tobacco.

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Jacob Heilbrunn, 11.20.2008

Rep. Dingell, as the chair of the House energy and commerce committee, was nothing more than a shill for the auto industry, working overtime to suppress any attempts at controlling pollution or raising mileage limits.

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Pete Cenedella, 11.20.2008


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