Election 2008: Mitch Daniels Re-Elected Indiana’s Governor

By November 4, 2008General

Indiana is the most manufacturing-intensive state in the country, and first-term incumbent Republican Governor Mitch Daniels has exerted a great amount of effort at expanding and diversifying the state’s economy. (For a good summary of his philosophy, see these materials from his February address at AEI.)

Earlier in his term, he took on some hot-button issues — statewide Daylight Saving Time, long-term leasing of the Indiana Toll Road — and irritated organized labor. With a strong campaign by Senator Obama in the state, Democrats had hopes in unseating Daniels, the former Bush OMB Director, with former Congresswoman Jill Long Thompson.

Apparently voters appreciate Daniels’ labors, as Associated Press has now called his re-election. Congratulations and keep up the good work on behalf of manufacturing, Governor.

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