Election 2008: Congratulations and the Work Ahead

By November 5, 2008General

Americans have chosen a new president, placing their faith in Illinois Senator Barack Obama to lead the country for the next four years. The mandate is clear – with at least 349 electoral votes – reaffirmed by strong voter turnout across the nation.

It was a decision of historic importance, as Senator Obama becomes the first African-American elected President. Yet this election was not about history, but about the future. The voters believe that Barack Obama was the candidate best equipped to lead the United States through the difficult times ahead.

Differences of opinion will still occur, but now is the time to change the tenor of the debate. The last decade has tied the country in knots with rancor from both sides. It is time to heal, and it is time to work together to move our great nation forward.

Remember this: Everyone who stood for election cares about our country, and their care, concern and allegiance will carry on into the future. And our democracy is strengthened.

Now it’s incumbent upon Democrats and Republicans, business and labor, the young and old and everyone in between, to work together to create policies to make our country stronger. The economic challenges are great: the financial crisis, the pressing need to create jobs, the never-ending global competition. Our security at home and abroad must never be threatened.

We stand ready to work with the new leadership. Manufacturers are eager to share experiences and hard-earned insights and information with America’s leaders.

America has spoken, our democracy has been refreshed, and the future awaits. To President-elect Obama, we send our sincere and best wishes for a successful Presidency. To Senators and Representatives, returning and newly arriving, congratulations. To all, we say call on us. Manufacturers want you to succeed in the responsibilities you have accepted and earned, and in doing so, to move our nation forward.

Jay Timmons

Jay Timmons

Jay Timmons is president and CEO of the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), the largest manufacturing association in the United States representing small and large manufacturers in every industrial sector.
Jay Timmons

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