Dispatch from the Front: The Week of November 10

By November 10, 2008General

President-elect Obama continues to transit, President Bush talks to the gloria mundi, and on Veterans Day, ad perpetuam memoriam…

NAM President John Engler delivers the keynote address at noon today at a New America Foundation conference on economic stimulus legislation and infrastructure, “Recipes for Recovery.”

Today at the White House, President Bush and First Lady Laura Bush welcome President-elect Obama and First-Lady-to-be Michelle Obama.

President Bush hosts a G20 “financial summit” starting Saturday, November 15, bringing leaders to Washington from around the world to address the global financial crisis. Bretton Woods II? That’s certainly raising expectations.

Congress is readying for the following week’s post-election stimulus session, which could also see an intraparty Democratic battle over key committee chairmanships. This week the Senate continues to meet pro fauxma and several House Committees hold hearings. (See last Daily Digest for details.)

Congressional Hearings: The House Financial Services Committee holds a hearing Wednesday with a very long title, “Private Sector Cooperation with Mortgage Modifications-Ensuring That Investors, Servicers and Lenders Provide Real Help for Troubled Homeowners,” focusing on hedge funds opposition to foreclosure prevention. On Thursday, the health subcommittee of Energy and Commerce ponders, “Treatments for an Ailing Economy: Protecting Health Care Coverage and Investing in Biomedical Research.” Also Thursday, House Oversight and Government Reform gets to a rescheduled hearing, “The Regulation of Hedge Funds.” Friday, Oversight’s Subcommittee on Domestic Policy, a hearing, “Is Treasury Using Bailout Funds for Foreclosure Prevention, as Congress Intended?” One last rush of oversight activity.

Executive Branch: On Thursday, President Bush meets with the King of Saudi Arabia in New York City and then makes remarks on financial markets and the world economy at Federal Hall National Memorial. Friday evening he welcomes world leaders to the White House for the Summit on Financial Markets and the World Economy, following with dinner. The summitteering begins full bore on Saturday, with speeches and plenarizing taking place at the National Building Museum.

On Veterans Day, Tuesday, Vice President Cheney attends the ceremonies at Arlington National Cemetery.

President Bush is in New York City to mark Veterans Day at the grand reopening of the USS Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum. Apparently the Intrepid was an aircraft carrier that fought in great battles, including the Battle of Leyte Gulf, the largest naval battle in history. Not that you’d know that from the museum homepage.

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