Cool Stuff Being Made: Forged Metals

By November 15, 2008Cool Stuff Being Made

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A red-hot departure this week for “Cool Stuff Being Made” as we show the process of forging — a $7 billion a year industry in North America, one that employs about 45,000 people in the United States and Canada.

Forges, the result of the forging process, represents about 20 percent of the products found in durable goods. The largest pieces of forged metal can reach as long as 80 feet long, weighing a half million pounds.

We learn that there are three types of forging in commercial production: Impression die forging, representing the largest volume of forges; open die forging; and ring-roll forging.

In North America forging is a $7 billion a year industry, with forges found in durable goods representing 20 percent of products

Our thanks to the Forging Industry Association for providing the video. It’s great to be able to see forging in action, because you see the actual forged products less often. As the association’s FAQ explains, “They are normally component parts contained inside assembled items such a airplanes, automobiles, tractors, ships, oil drilling equipment, engines, missiles and all kinds of capital equipment – to name a few.” In fact, more than 18,000 forgings are contained in a 747 airplane.

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