Card Check: Why are People so Grudgeful?

By November 3, 2008General

A pre-election round-up on the dishonestly named Employee Free Choice Act, which would eliminate secret-ballot elections in the workplace when unions try to force employees into a bargaining unit:

  • Bloomberg, Kevin Hassett of AEI, “`Panic of 2008′ Is Better Than the Alternative“: “Supporters of card-check are presumably willing to accept the possibility of coercion because they believe the end — a large increase in unionization — justifies the means. But if that end is achieved, then it likely will lead to a surge in labor costs and reduction in competitiveness for U.S. companies at just the wrong time.”
  • Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Jim Wooten column, “It’s truly vital that we keep Chambliss,” citing the Employee Free Choice Act to endorse the re-election of Sen. Saxby Chambliss. Wooten, associate editorial page editor, is the AJC’s token conservative.
  • Wall Street Journal, “Economy Heightens Debate Over Bill to Ease Union Organizing
  • People’s Weekly World (you know, the Communists), “Labor, Virginia and Obama,” quoting Chris Lane, 33, president of CWA Local 2201, “It is the most important pro-labor legislation ever. I truly believe in my heart of hearts that every worker would join a union if he or she was not being harassed and intimidated.”

Speaking of being harassed and intimidated, from The Associated Press, North Dakota, “Event bars Fargo teacher“:

BISMARCK – North Dakota’s new Teacher of the Year was barred from a reception held to honor top teachers because she declined to join the North Dakota Education Association, education officials said. One denounced the move as “hurtful and vindictive.”

Beth Ekre, a sixth-grade teacher at Carl Ben Eielson Middle School in Fargo, showed up for the Oct. 23 “Celebration of Excellence” social at a Fargo hotel, hours after her selection as North Dakota’s Teacher of the Year was announced at an NDEA instructional conference.

The event was intended to honor award-winning teachers, including the new teacher of the year and the North Dakota winner of the Milken Educator Award, officials said.

Ekre said Dakota Draper, the NDEA’s president, and Linda Harsche, a public relations staffer, met her at the door and told her she could not attend because it was limited to association members.

“It was a humiliating experience,” Ekre said. “It’s one of the most uncomfortable situations I’ve ever been in.”

Humiliating? Uncomfortable? Whose fault is that? All of this could have been avoided if the NDEA were able to pressure Ekre into joining the teachers’ union.

Well, soon enough. First, pass the Employee Free Choice Act and then, eventually, state Right to Work laws will go.

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