Card Check: Secret Ballots Already Work

By November 10, 2008General

The BNA today announced (subscription needed) an analysis of new data from the NLRB on union-organizing elections shows that the the number of  union representation elections held in the first half of this year was the same as the number of elections held in the first half of 2007. 

 Even more telling is the percentage of  overall elections won by union increased significantly from 58.% in 2007 to now 66.8% in the first part of 2008. So much for the corporate monster chewing up organized labor.

 Proponents of the misleadingly named Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) assert that “democratic sign ups” are the most effective way to determine the wishes of a majority of employees. By using the term “democratic sign ups”, these union groups are implying that card check organizing drives where each employee’s choice is made known publicly (thus being exposed to intimidation) is democratic. This is far from accurate.

As the latest data shows, the current process for forming a union is working, and is resulting in a greater formation of unions. Union leaders however claim that the system is broken. The fix? Employee forced choice with the EFCA. Not exactly a “democratic” process. President-elect Obama has often said that if a majority of workers wish to have a union, they should be able to form a union. The latest data is showing that they’re doing just that.

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