Card Check: Key to Economic Recovery, Elimination of Private Ballots?

By November 14, 2008Labor Unions

The AFL-CIO’s Executive Council issued a statement calling on Congress and the new Administration to pass the outrageously named Employee Free Choice Act in light of the current financial crisis.
In their words:

“Unless we restore the power of working people to bargain with their companies for a better life, economic growth will not be broadly shared and income inequality will not diminish” 

Recently the NLRB released statistics that show labor unions won two-thirds of the union representation elections held in the first part of 2008. Last year unions won just more than half of these elections. Plain and simple – the current system works.
Contrary to what Labor leaders at the AFL-CIO will assert, union members aren’t sold on EFCA and do not want to lose their right to a secret ballot. In fact, recent polling has found widespread opposition among union household voters (69 percent) to card check legislation, which would replace a federally supervised secret ballot process with one that requires a majority of workers to simply sign a public card to authorize a union.
The AFL-CIO realizes that they are facing concerns from within their ranks, in their statement they indicate that they plan to educate their members on the legislation in order to have them contact Congress. From their release:

“Starting in December, hundreds of state federations and local labor councils will conduct member education and mobilization meetings”

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