Card Check: Good for the Goose, Not for the Gander?

By November 17, 2008General, Labor Unions

We’re reminded again this week of the importance of private ballots as the Congressional party caucuses hold their leadership elections, conducted via secret-ballot voting. Obviously caucus members appreciate the freedom, flexibility and protection (from retaliation) provided by this sort of confidential voting. Then why do some want to deny employees the same protections when voting on union representation in the workplace?

Under current law, any union organization that seeks to represent a group of employees must first demonstrate employee interest in the union by collecting signed authorization cards from at least 30 percent of the employees. After enough cards are collected, the union may then petition the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) to hold an election that uses secret ballots to determine whether the majority of employees want that union to represent them.

Unfortunately this all may change under the Employee Free Choice Act…

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