But Did You Go to Harvard Law?

By November 12, 2008Briefly Legal

The speculation machine is running full-time here in Washington, as the philosophically and pecuniarily interested consider who might be appointed to what. We joined in the gizzard gazing, starting with this Politico article, over whom a President Obama might name his attorney general and detected a theme. 

  • Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano (University of Virginia Law School)
  • Jamie Gorelick, former Clinton-era Justice Department official, 9/11 Commission member. (Harvard Law School)
  • Eric Holder, former Clinton-era Justice Department. (Columbia Law School)
  • Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick (Harvard Law School )
  • Virginia Governor Tim Kaine (Harvard Law School)
  • James Comey, former deputy attorney general and Lockheed Martin general counsel, as reported in the Chicago Tribune. (University of Chicago Law)
  • U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald, Chicago. (Harvard Law School, ’85)
  • Rep. Artur Davis, as reported by Marc Ambinder, The Atlantic. (Cum laude Harvard Law School)
  • Charles Ogletree (Harvard Law, ’78, and Harvard Law School professor.)

Legal Times reports on Obama’s transition team for the Justice Department, headed by the very impressive David Ogden of Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr.

Harvard Law, ’81, and editor of the Harvard Law Review. Of course!

(We note the professional expertise and familiarity with the manufacturing sector of Mr. Comey, the only name that fell outside the category of “usual suspects” — that term being only politically descriptive, not pejorative.) 

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