Another Session of Congress in December?

By November 18, 2008Economy, General

Speaking at a just-completed National Press Club news conference, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer raised the possibility of another lame-duck session of Congress the week of December 8th.

We’re going to be back here, we think in December, not necessarily in session. But as you know, we had an economic conference two years ago as we started the session, which ultimately led…to the rebates in January, working hand in glove with the Republicans, the overwhelmingly bipartisan action that we took signed by the President.

We expect to have another one of those conferences the week of the 8th of December.

So that is available. As this week was available to us –we’re doing the organizing — this week was available to us, as well.

I’m sensitive to the fact that the year has not ended. My expectation is that the Speaker and I will agree that we will not adjourn sine die if we have not completed our work, and we will be, as we said before, subject to the call of the chair.

Given the expected lack of action this week, another session seems entirely likely.

A Senate session might also give the Democrats two more votes with which to influence legislation, i.e., the replacements for President-elect Obama and Senator Biden (assuming Senator Biden resigns early).


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