Uranium Mining Already Has a Theme Song

By October 21, 2008General

Below we note the prospects for uranium mining in Virginia. To which we must add a link to Warren Smith’s rockabilly standard, “Uranium Rock.”

Well I’m gettin’ tired workin’ hard every day
Workin’ every day and not a-gettin’ much pay
I got a big geiger counter, it’s a pretty good rig
When the needle starts clickin’ it’s where I’m gonna dig
Money-money honey, and the kind you fold
Money-money honey, rock ‘n’ roll
Rake it in, bale it up like hay
Have a rockin’ good time and throw it all away

Well, yes, sure, but environmental practices have improved since Warren cut the song.

Bob Dylan and Tom Petty also covered the song. Americana, evidently.

(Thanks to Jim Neill.)

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