Tort Reform Thursday: Topics for Tonight’s Veep Debate

By October 2, 2008Briefly Legal

Below we suggested that Gwen Ifill, moderator of tonight’s vice presidential debate in St. Louis, affirm her journalistic integrity through tough questioning of the candidates. Given that Ifill’s ability to be fair is under scrutiny (or attack) for writing a book that trumpets the rise of Senator Obama, the toughest questions should go to Sen. Joe Biden. Ask about tort reform, Ms. Ifill!

Turns out, she has experience in that line of questioning from the 2004 vice presidential debate. From Tim Graham at

For example, she pressed Cheney to attack Democratic nominee John Edwards personally: “President Bush has derided John Kerry for putting a trial lawyer on the ticket. You yourself have said that lawsuits are partly to blame for higher medical costs. Are you willing to say that John Edwards, sitting here, has been part of the problem?”

Ifill then turned around and asked the Democrat if he was feeling pained at the attack she had just requested: “Senator Edwards, new question to you, same topic. Do you feel personally attacked when Vice President Cheney talks about liability reform and tort reform and the president talks about having a trial lawyer on the ticket?”

Whatever happened to Edwards, anyway?

UPDATE (9 a.m.): Pearls Before Swine, always, always funny. And balanced!


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