The Specter of Inflation, 1974

By October 10, 2008Economy, Energy

Happened upon an American Information Radio network news broadcast from January 8, 1974. Among the day’s news from Richard Rawl (sp?):

Government figures show wholesale prices rose 18 percent last year, the biggest one-year increase since 1946. The wholesale price index climbed 2.2 percent in December with food and fuel prices leading the way.

Whew. At least that’s not a current concern. But, also back then …

The Air Transport Association says rising jet fuel prices may put air travel beyond the reach of millions of Americans. The warning’s in a letter to Energy Chief William Simon.

Lots of Nixon news, too, including campaign contributions and tax returns. And President Nixon went riding in the rain in California with his friend, Bebe Rebozo, for two days in a row.

The broadcast soundfile is here.


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