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By October 3, 2008Economy, Taxation

From The Indianapolis Star, “House leaders, Bush work to get 12 votes“:

Joe Loughrey, vice chairman of Cummins Inc. and a National Association of Manufacturers board member, was among 14 executives who met with Bush on Thursday.

“We . . . had a very good discussion with him about the financial crisis and how the credit crunch is affecting our suppliers, employees and communities. We emphasized the need to act quickly and committed to urge our representatives to vote for this package, however imperfect, before we run out of time and the average citizen is hurt,” Loughrey said in a statement.

From the Courier-Journal, “Area House members still wary of rescue bill

WASHINGTON — Rep. Baron Hill said representatives of the National Association of Manufacturers dropped by his office yesterday, trying to persuade him to change his vote on the financial rescue plan.

But when the House takes up the bill today, the Southern Indiana Democrat said he is likely to be where he was when the House rejected it Monday — against it.

“I want to keep an open mind to it,” Hill said yesterday. But “I don’t like what I’m looking at.”

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