The Candidates on Manufacturing Issues, Nuclear Power

By October 30, 2008Economy, Energy

The NAM has just published its NAM Voting Guide, a summary of the voting records by members of the U.S. House and Senate on key manufacturing issues during the 110th Congress. (Download here as a .pdf file.) This is the hard copy compilation of the online voting record the NAM keeps, which you can access here.

As for the Presidential candidates, in the 110th Congress, Sen. John McCain voted in support of the NAM’s key vote position two of the 13 separate votes. He was absent for the other 11 votes. Sen. Barack Obama voted with the NAM’s key vote position once, against five times, and was absent for seven votes.

For career voting records:

Senator John McCain — 109th Congress, 63 percent NAM Key Vote support.

Senator Barack Obama — 109th Congress, 16 percent NAM Key Vote support.

Elsewhere, the Nuclear Energy Institute published the results of questionnaires on nuclear power it received back from 31 U.S. Senate candidates. Highlights:

  • 30 candidates were supportive of the use of nuclear energy in the U.S.
  • 30 candidates supported the expansion of nuclear energy in their state.
  • Democratic and Republican Senate candidates from: Idaho, Kansas, Nebraska, North Carolina, and Wyoming were in favor expanding nuclear power in their states.
  • Challengers submitted 19 questionnaires, incumbents 12.


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