Satirizing Congress, the President, George Soros and the Sandlers

UPDATE (Monday, 11:20 p.m.): Saturday Night Live has pulled the video of the skit described below, and bloggers including Michelle Malkin suspect that the Sandlers and/or their partisan allies put pressure on NBC to kill the segment. Interesting speculation. What a worthy topic for investigative reporting, eh, ProPublica? (The jibe being that this supposed crack, disinterested journalistic venture is funded by Sandler and has yet just once mentioned this fellow in its reporting on the financial crisis or other groups he funds, like ACORN.)

And we’ll leave the video up as a silent rebuke …
It first seemed like just another belabored, overly long skit this weekend on Saturday Night Live, although certainly timely. Mockery of them all in a mock news conference: A dull President Bush, a hyperpartisan Speaker Pelosi, Rep. Barney Frank, deadbeat homebuyers and speculative creeps.

But then SNL made fun of Herb and Marion Sandler, the multi-multimillionaires who ran the Golden West thrift in California until selling it to Wachovia in 2006. These are big names in the savings and loan business and Democratic Party politics, but otherwise the superwealthy duo are obscure as obscure can be.

Last time we saw the Sandlers in the news they were funding another liberal, “investigative” anti-business media outfit, ProPublica. Good thing for those journalists the Sandlers sold why the selling was good.

In any case, we’re so impressed with SNL’s writers, to be aware of such detail in the world of high finance. Now, it wasn’t particularly funny, but still…

Or is there perhaps an Adam Sandler connection we don’t know about?

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