No, But Thanks for Asking!

By October 2, 2008Energy, Global Warming

After achieving the goal of getting on 500+ mailing lists, it’s time to let the membership in the Union of Concerned Scientists expire.  They supply way too much unbiased science, warning of the coming disasters.

From the renewal letter, final notice:


Page 2 has the gist. And to be fair, it’s a pretty soft sell by the usual standards of environmentalist membership entreaties. Not a single crying polar bear cub anywhere.

With your renewed support, we can help the next administration repair the
considerable damage done and restore the United States to its rightful place as the
world’s leader on reining in nuclear proliferation, developing sustainable energy
and, most urgently, reducing emissions of heat-trapping gases to stave off the
worst of global warming.

Eight years of obstruction and inaction have only drawn down the clock on
the amount of time we have to blunt the most serious effects of global warming.
Yet despite the growing urgency, we must also contend with a global economy
skidding toward recession.

During this tumultuous period, UCS’s expertise and unbiased science will
be called upon more than ever. As our country’s new leadership weighs its options,
our careful analysis and thoroughly researched solutions will point the way to a
better future. 

Beware the first 100 days of any new administration. One hundred days for action, an eternity for regrets.

Page 2 


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