Net Neutrality, i.e., Regulating Innovation and Investment

By October 22, 2008Technology

Various items popping up about net neutrality, i.e., expanded federal regulation of broad-band services. There hasn’t been too much discussion this year after it was an especially hot topic in 2006 but the election reinvigorates the debate.

CBS News, From the Road blog:

(LAKE WORTH, FLA.) – Google CEO Eric Schmidt joined Barack Obama on the campaign trail today, adding fuel to speculation in the blogosphere that he is aiming for a cabinet position.

Wall Street Journal, October 17 editorial, “A Liberal Supermajority“:

Special -interest potpourri…Google and would get “net neutrality” rules, subjecting the Internet to intrusive regulation for the first time.

Heritage Foundation, The Foundry blog, “Consumer Education, Not Heavy Net Neutrality Regulation, Is the Answer“:

According to the Financial Times, the leading think-tank Copenhagen Economics will release a study next week showing that “broadband prices could rise by up to one-third if regulators in Europe insist on strict ‘net neutrality’ rules.” The reports warns that letting politicians dictate how internet service providers manage their traffic flows will “pass on the cost of scarcity to all consumers” and significantly increase broadband prices thus depressing broadband demand.

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