Lobbying Blitz = Manufacturers Talking to Their Representatives

By October 3, 2008Taxation

From the Los Angeles Times, “Lobbying blitz ushers bailout bill back to House“:

Among those answering the call was Collie Hutter, an executive with Click Bond Inc., a mid-size Nevada manufacturer of industrial fasteners. Hutter said her family-owned firm had been expanding but felt the effects of the credit crunch when it bought an additional manufacturing facility and had to pay more for credit.

“No one is isolated in this,” she said. “We have to do something. This is not about Wall Street, it’s about Main Street.”

Hutter said she contacted her congressman, Rep. Dean Heller, a Republican, who has told Nevada reporters that he couldn’t “put Nevada taxpayers on the hook for the foolish excesses of Wall Street.” As of Thursday afternoon, she said, Heller had not returned her calls.

This seems relevant.

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