In Hamburg, Financial Crisis: Sunday Retail Sales Jump 20 Percent

By October 20, 2008Economy

From Die Welt newspaper, a German national daily newspaper published in Hamburg, reporting on a Sunday shopping day in the city’s retail district, “Hamburg City.” Germany still has blue laws restricting Sunday and evening store hours, although the laws have been relaxed over the last decade.

500,000 Shoppers Storm the Stores on Sunday

The “Open Sundays” day of shopping in Hamburg has overwhelmingly exceeded retailers’ expectations. Most stores opened right at 1 p.m. for an exciting day of shopping in fall-like temperatures. Even beauty parlors offered their services. “We had about 500,000 customers pouring into the city all the way until the 6 p.m. closing,” City Manager Briggite Engler rejoiced, saying the numbers confirmed her prediction. “We are very satisfied,” she said, “because the sales volume was 20 percent higher than the last “Open Sunday,” which took place on April 1.


According to retailers’ accounts, the items that drew the most attention from shoppers were the fall and winter collections, high-value espresso machines and electronics.  

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