Card Check: USA Today Supports Worker Privacy; Opposes EFCA

By October 16, 2008Labor Unions

This morning the USA Today came out in strong opposition to Big Labor’s plans to effectively eliminate secret ballots for labor union elections. USA Today described in detail what the Employee Free Choice Act, and explained how this misguided legislation would undermine our country’s democratic principles. This piece provided a comprehensive overview of all aspects of the bill, including how federal bureaucrats could impose binding terms for first labor contracts.

To be fair, they point out that Labor leaders often argue that the card check bill wouldn’t prohibit private balloting. Yes- however accurate this point may be it is misleading. They realize that under a card check system: “union organizers would have no reason to seek an election if they had union cards signed by more than 50% of workers.”

As a counter to this opinion piece, the AFL-CIO’s President John Sweeney  was allowed to provide an ‘opposing view’. Sweeney writes that a card check system allows employees to make their choice of union representation without intimidation. Unfortunately, by forcing employees to make their decision known to co-workers, union organizers and even their supervisors they become susceptible to many forms of potential coercion. Surprisingly I agree with John Sweeney when he says “U.S. workers deserve a free, fair choice of whether to improve their lives and futures through unions.” HOWEVER, the only way to secure free and fair choice in deciding whether to join a union, is through private ballot elections.

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