Card Check: Organizing Becomes Easier, But for Whom?

By October 21, 2008Labor Unions

The Politico today lays out the Presidential candidates’ positions on the several major economic issues. Politico describes the misleadingly named Employee Free Choice Act (or ‘card check’ bill) as a bill that “would make union organizing easier.” Unfortunately this legislation will make the organizing process much more difficult for workers.

This bill eliminates secret ballots for union elections exposing workers to coercion and intimidation, effectively depriving them of free choice. It should more properly be called the Employee No Choice Act.

The current process for determining if employees want a union is a federally supervised private ballot election. A majority of these elections result in the certification of a union.

Union bosses, however, find private ballot elections to be an impediment to unionization. They demand the card check process in which employees are forced to cast their vote in front of union organizers and fellow employees who support unionization, sacrificing their secret ballot rights.

Will the card check bill make union organizing easier for union bosses? Definitely, but it would also destroy one of the most fundamental rights of American citizens – the right to a secret ballot.

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  • Union Boss says:

    This is a union organizer who has run organizing drives and knows the truth. I have read the stories of the union busters and high-priced law firms who take advantage of businesses by charging huge retainers to fight union organizing drives. I know all about your scare tactics and terrorizing of workers in the workplace when there is a union trying to help workers.

    As the national association of manufacturers and the chambers of commerce across the nation, you might as well get used to unions. We will grow again and restore a middle class to America. I know cheap labor helps your bottom line in the immediate future, but the long run cuts your feasibility to maintain profits. No middle class, no money for purchasing goods and services. Like most individuals, you are way to shortsighted. Grow up.

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