Card Check: No Debate Question on Employee Free Choice Act

By October 15, 2008Economy, Labor Unions

Ridiculous. Neither the moderators nor the candidates posed a question in the three debates, including tonight, on the Orwellian-named Employee Free Choice Act.

There’s a clear difference between Senator Obama and Senator McCain on legislation that would fundamentally reshape business-labor relations in the United States, destroy the secret ballot in the workplace, and push the U.S. toward the static, statist labor market that hampers European growth. And not a single question. (Tonight’s transcript.)

Criminy. Can’t we get Mickey Kaus to moderate one of these gigs? From Kausfiles:

Obama’s Fast Labor Payoff: kf hears from a trustworthy non-Republican source (with access to actual insider information) that the Dems are getting set to pass “card check” legislation fast next year, right out of the box, assuming Obama wins and the Democrats get their expected big Senate majority. The legislation–which would eliminate the secret ballot in union organizing elections, allowing union organizers to gather signed cards person-to-person–is cheap, in budgetary terms. And it’s very, very important to organized labor. …Obama’s political history suggests he’s not a “fight the power” kind of guy. He’s an “accommodate the power” kind of guy. It’s highly plausible that he’d be willing to pay off this debt to Big Labor up front if they push him hard enough. … Since I think “card check” legislation is a potential near-disaster economically (unions are engines of adversarial bureaucracy and the mainspring of the wage-price spiral) and procedurally (the secret ballot certainly seems like a key way to avoid intimidation) this is not good news. … P.S.: Would it be a good move for Obama? Bill Clinton got into trouble, right after he took office, when in the middle of a troubled economic situation his first priority seemed to be gays-in-the-military. Obama likewise risks having it look like his first priority isn’t helping the average citizen but helping a key Democratic interest group. … In Clinton’s case,, that damaging first impression was maybe unfair (the gays issue just happened fo flare up). In Obama’s case it won’t be. …[Thought you were pro-Obama–ed Yes. But I am, as they say, concerned!  Not scheduled to enter full pro-Obama BS mode for at least two more weeks.] … 4:58 P.M.

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