Card Check: More Attention on the Presidential Campaign Trail

By October 14, 2008Labor Unions

To both their credit, Senators Barack Obama and John McCain have both been very clear about their positions on the Employee Free Choice Act, the card-check legislation that would eliminate secret ballots in workplace elections over union representation. But it wasn’t until just this week that we saw much media coverage of their stated views on the issue, stated at public events, that is.

Obama is a cosponsor who voted for cloture on H.R. 800, i.e., to move the bill ahead in the Senate. McCain is an opponent and voted no.

Senator McCain in Virginia Beach, Virginia yesterday highlighted Senator Obama’s position on card check in his speech. McCain said that along with Congressional leadership Senator Obama is planning to “…take away your right to vote by secret ballot in labor elections…” CNN even did a fact check on this sound bite and confirmed what the bill will do, along with the positions and previous votes of the Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates.

In case Senator Obama’s position isn’t clear enough, here is a clip of his comments on the misnamed Employee Free Choice Act last year before the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO.

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