Card Check: First You Knock, Then You Twist, Then They Sign

By October 14, 2008Labor Unions

In an e-mail, a reader shares cites personal experience to endorse skepticism that Mickey Kaus, a reform Democrat, shows toward the Employee Free Choice Act. From “Anti-Obama Boomerang?

I’m an Obama supporter – voted for him [in] the primary, and plan to again in November – but I share your concern on this particular issue.

There’s a unionization campaign going on in my company, and the organizers from the local seem to be running the campaign as if card check already existing – knocking on doors, getting cards signed, and trying to use them as leverage to get management to agree to the union without an election. They don’t have the votes yet for an election, and they may be biding their time until card check is passed.

Co-workers who’ve had union reps show up unannounced at their doors (with cards in hand) were freaked out by it. When people get a first-hand taste of this, they don’t like it. I can’t believe that if the basic facts of this issue were made known that a majority of people would support it.

As we understand the law, those signatures card are valid of a year. Collect them in the summer and fall, get a bill passed and signed into law in February or March or, who knows, May Day. You could certainly do some marketing — or more likely, ominous threatening — with the theme of “one signature, many signatures,” or “He signed. We signed.” Something like that.  

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