Card Check: Daily Roundup

By October 27, 2008Labor Unions

Other news items related to the misnamed Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) have popped up recently.

  • Peter Kirsanow follows up his recent post on NRO’s The Corner with additional information on the impact of the binding arbitration language in the so-called Employee Free Choice Act. Kirsanow highlights that if EFCA passes, federal arbitrators will set the terms of the first labor agreement, preventing workers from having a true contract. Rather, it will be a binding measure that employees will be forced to accept.
  • Thomas McClanahan with the Kansas City Star analyzes the economic impact if EFCA passes. McClanahan attests that under EFCA productivity is sure to drop and economic growth will be hindered.

UPDATE (4:50pm)

  • The third piece in Kirsanow’s series in NRO’s The Corner discusses the Canadian model of labor law. Under the Canadian system, provinces can choose to employ card check. Kirsanow points out that since 1980, most Canadian provinces have abandoned card check and have moved to secret ballot elections.

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