Card Check: Daily Round Up

By October 15, 2008Labor Unions
  • Jay Ambrose at The Examiner examines how politicians could support something as “despicably foul” as card check legislation that would strip away secret ballot elections for union elections and result in workers being exposed to intimidation. Ambrose asserts that there is no difference in principle between taking away secret ballots for union elections or Congressional elections.
  • The final Presidential candidate debate takes place tonight at Hofstra, where the focus is expected to be on the economy. Although card check  as a topic has escaped  the recent debates, it may come up tonight, especially in light of the McCain campaign’s recent efforts to highlight Sen. Obama’s  backing. The NAM’s CEO Gov. John Engler made it clear that card check is a top concern for manufacturers in the Q&A section of his Detroit Economic Club Monday. Talk about it, candidates!
  • The Coalition for a Democratic Workplace, which the NAM is a leader of, has announced the launch of a six state direct mail blitz. This effort seeks to compare the positions of Senate candidates in Colorado, Louisiana, Minnesota, New Hampshire, North Carolina and Oregon to highlight where the candidates really stand on protecting worker privacy.

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