Card Check: Concerns in the Keystone Stone

By October 9, 2008Labor Unions

Yesterday, I had an opportunity to meet with manufacturers and other employers in the Philadelphia area at an event co-hosted by the NAM, Pennsylvania Manufacturers Association and the Mid-Atlantic Employers’ Association. I went up there to discuss the impact that card check legislation (AKA the deceptively named Employee Free Choice Act) would have for employers in the area and give an update how this issue was being received around the country.

The folks that attended this event were concerned that the issue did not come up in Tuesday night’s Presidential debate, but they were even more concerned that their Senior Senator Arlen Specter (R-PA) had voted to invoke cloture on the bill when it came before the Senate in 2007. It’s clear that employers in Pennsylvania oppose this bill and hope that the Senator would change his position when presented with a vote on the Bill in the next Congress. As employers, they fear the coercion that their employees would be exposed to if this bill becomes law, and feel their employees deserve to be able to make an educated and unbiased decision when making the important choice to decide to allow a labor union to represent them.The Pennsylvania Manufacturers Association has been a champion in defending Pennsylvanian workers’ right to a private ballot and has worked with the NAM to help manufacturers in the Keystone State make their concerns known to Sen. Specter.

At time of economic uncertainty like now, the group couldn’t understand how organized labor could support such a bill which would have a devastating blow to our economic competitiveness. Many of the attendees explained that their respective Members of Congress had concerns with the bill in its current form, and hoped it could be ammended. Unfortunately there is no simple fix that would ‘improve’ such a fundamentally misguided proposal.

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