Card Check: Anything But Free Choice

By October 15, 2008General, Labor Unions

Yesterday, Former Democratic Presidential Candidate, Senator and brave World War II B-24 pilot, George McGovern was interviewed on Fox News to discuss the card check bill. Senator McGovern defended the current secret ballot process for deciding labor union representation, but insisted that doing away with this process (as is the case under a card check scheme) is simply not the American way. An excerpt of the interview is below:

JON SCOTT (Fox News): Barack Obama’s supports this plan. He is one of the co-sponsors of the bill. Have you spoken to him?


George McGovern: I support Barack Obama. everybody knows that. I have gone public about it. But when it comes time to vote, I do not want to have to do that by signing a card that someone hands me publicly where everyone would know what I did in terms of my vote. I want that to be in private and I think that workers should hang on to the private secret polling place which they are now guaranteed but would not be guaranteed under this so-called free choice system. It is not a free choice if you have somebody pressing you to sign a card if you do it without the privacy of the polling place.

Full transcript here.

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