Card Check: Another Presidential Candidate Speaks Tonight

By October 7, 2008Labor Unions

Former Democratic presidential candidate George McGovern is featured in a television ad scheduled to run during tonight’s TV debate between Senator Obama and Senator McCain. The topic? The undemocratic Employee Free Choice Act, which McGovern strenuously opposes.

Take a look.

Amanda Carpenter at Townhall reports on the ad sponsored by the Employee Freedom Action Committee, quoting Senator McGovern:

I’m concerned about a bill in Congress that would effectively eliminate an employee’s right to a private vote when deciding whether to join a union.

It’s hard to believe that any politician would agree to a law denying millions of employees the right to a private vote. I have always been a champion of labor unions. But I fear that today’s union leaders are turning their backs on democratic workplace elections. I’ve listened to all their arguments and reviewed the facts on both sides. Quite simply, this proposed law cannot be justified. Working families deserve a voice and a private vote.

What a splendid topic to pursue during tonight’s debate. Something along the lines of, “Senator Obama: You support the Employee Free Choice Act, and yet so notable a Democrat as George McGovern denounces the measure for destroying an employee’s private vote. Can you explain why employees should not be able to decide their membership in a union via a secret ballot?”

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