Canadians Vote, Global Warming an Issue

From The Associated Press, as reported in today’s Washington Post, “Canadian Leader Faces Election Test“:

TORONTO, Oct. 12 — Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is gambling that an opposition pushing an unpopular carbon tax will steer voters to the right in Tuesday’s election and bolster his hold on power…[snip]

The signature issue of Liberal leader Stéphane Dion is a proposal for a carbon tax on all fossil fuels except gasoline.

Conservatives say the “Green Shift” tax plan would drive up energy costs. Dion has said he would offset the higher energy prices by cutting income taxes, but he has had little success selling the plan.

OK, here’s how we see it. If the Tories win big, it’s because the voters recoiled against the carbon tax. If the Tories underperform and the Liberals record a surprisingly strong turnout, it’s because of…well, the carbon tax had nothing to do with it.

On a serious note, Prime Minister Harper has been a consistent, firm and persuasive advocate for the benefits of free trade. We appreciate his leadership.


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