As to Rhetoric

By October 3, 2008Economy, Taxation

Among the populist rhetorical attacks these days is condemnation of “big corporations,” “Wall Street billionaires” and the like. Don’t bail them out. They deserve what they get, those tycoons.

Spare us, you know? Just spare us.

From the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review:

For contractor John Horanic, the financial crisis that has slammed Wall Street the past several weeks has hit his corner of Main Street.

Just this week, his contract to expand a medical office building was postponed “indefinitely” because the owner could not obtain financing, said Horanic, who owns J. Michael’s Independent Contracting Co. near Adamsburg, Westmoreland County.

“I would have kept four guys working for three months. It’s been a nightmare for us … the worst it’s been in 17 years,” said Horanic, who has operated the business since 1985.

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