As Long as the Dues Come In, Privacy Doesn’t Matter

By October 31, 2008Labor Unions

NAM President John Engler appeared on Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty’s monthly radio program on WCCO today, a conversation that covered lots of issues. Showing more interest in the topic than presidential debate moderators, Gov. Pawlenty asked about the Employee Free Choice Act, that purposefully misnamed “card check” legislation would destroy secret-ballot elections in the workplace, allowing labor organizers to intimidate employees into joining a union.

Pawlenty: Why do the advocates want that? Why do they want the ability to do that without a secret ballot? Seems it just violates people’s privacy or confidentiality.

Engler: Just flat-out it’s a money issue. It’s a dues issue for the unions themselves. Union membership in the country has been declining and this is a way to force a lot of people back in, but what it does for the workplace is quite destructive.

 You can listen to the full two-minute segment on card check by clicking here.

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