A Michigan Manufacturer Making the Case for Stability

By October 2, 2008Economy, Taxation

From The Grand Rapids Press, “Carter Products President meets with Bush about financial rescue plan“:

The president of a long-time Grand Rapids manufacturer was seated at the right hand of President Bush on Thursday, offering his support for what both men view as a vital financial rescue plan.

Carter Products President Peter Perez was among a dozen people selected to meet with Bush in Washington, D.C., as lobbying efforts intensified to convince the U.S. House of Representatives to pass the federal bailout.

“This is really affecting real people in the real world,” said Perez, who was in Washington for a previously-scheduled board meeting of the National Association of Manufacturers. “If I can’t get capital, I can’t pay my payroll, I can’t buy equipment, I can’t buy raw materials I need to run my business and I can’t pay suppliers who provide me with those goods and services.”\

There’s an AP photo.

And nice job by the Grand Rapids Press to have a story about a local employer working on a major, national issue. Good coverage of high-interest news.


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