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By September 26, 2008America's Business, General

Americas-Business-logo.jpgCongress is moving to lift a quarter-century ban on offshore oil and natural gas exploration. Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) says that move is just a first step in securing our nation’s future energy supplies.

DeMint, a guest on this week’s “America’s Business with Mike Hambrick” radio program, plans to introduce legislation to ensure energy exploration proceeds once the ban is lifted.

“It just opens the door,” he says. “And we need to pass a piece of legislation that tells the Interior Department to expedite the vetting of these leases and to set up the structure that gives states a percent of the royalties so it will encourage states to get active behind this and stop frivolous lawsuits.”

Congress is considering a controversial bill that would take away workers’ fundamental right to a private vote on union organizing. Attorney and blogger Seth Borden will join us to talk about troubling provisions in the so-called Card Check bill. You can also check out Borden’s blog here.

Every parent wants their child to attend Harvard or Yale. But Charles Murray, author of “Real Education,” says your child may actually be happier and end up earning more money with a technical or vocational degree.

High fuel prices are prompting more Americans to buy smaller, gas-sipping cars. Insurance Research Council spokesman David Corum will join us to talk about his group’s recent study that links lighter cars to high auto insurance injury claims.

National Association of Manufacturers Executive Vice President Jay Timmons has been a regular guest on our show. Jay, who has a  long-running career in politics, will offer us his latest take on the 2008 political landscape.

In our regular segments, Renee Giachino of American Justice Partnership gives us the latest on tort reform and commentator Hank Cox recalls “The Way It Was.” And our program will close with “The Last Word” from the National Association of Manufacturers President Gov. John Engler.

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