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By September 19, 2008America's Business, General

Americas-Business-logo.jpgCongress is considering controversial legislation that would take away workers’ fundamental right to a private vote on union organizing. Ironically, the legislation is called the Employee Free Choice Act.

Political consultant and attorney Barbara Comstock, a guest on this week’s “America’s Business with Mike Hambrick” radio program, says Democrats mostly support the “card check” bill. But even former Democratic senator and presidential nominee George McGovern says the legislation is a “disturbing and undemocratic overreach,” she says.

“That’s a betrayal really of what Democrats have always claimed to champion,” Comstock says of the legislation. “But even in the bigger picture, it’s a betrayal of the fundamental rights of workers to vote and have a say in their workplace.”

For more information on the bill, Comstock recommended the Web site.

High oil prices are making alternative energy such as ethanol and nuclear power more appealing. Mike will talk to Alliance for Abundant Food and Energy Executive Director Mark Kornblau about how is group is trying to let the government know farmers can grow enough to make food and fuel.

And NuScale Power Inc. Chief Executive Officer Paul Lorenzini will let us know about his company plans to make smaller, portable nuclear power plants that can bring energy to every corner of the United States.

Higher energy prices are also driving up shipping costs. So more companies are starting to look at moving goods by boat, which can be less expensive. This is good news for manufacturers such as Master Marine Inc. The company’s President Brett Dungan will tell Mike why.

And “America’s Business” will take a trip to Chicago to meet Chicago Manufacturing Renaissance Council Co-Chair David Hanson. That group launched an initiative to bring more skilled manufacturing jobs back to inner city Chicago.

Meanwhile, in our regular segments, Renee Giachino of American Justice Partnership gives us the latest on tort reform and commentator Hank Cox recalls “The Way It Was.” And our program will close with “The Last Word” from the National Association of Manufacturers President Gov. John Engler.

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