The Really Important Economic Summit

By September 25, 2008General

From the AP:

BISMARCK, N.D. — Musician Bobby Vee got a Capitol crowd singing and clapping along with a verse of one of his hits. Actress Angie Dickinson joined in a brief duet with Vee, hugged former Gov. George Sinner and marveled about how her parents would have viewed the scene.

“My North Dakota mother and father would just about be blown away today,” said Dickinson, who is a native of Kulm in south central North Dakota. “They would be so proud to see me even speaking or being in the Capitol.”

Dickinson and Vee were among a group of six Theodore Roosevelt Rough Rider Award winners who appeared Wednesday at what Gov. John Hoeven said was the first reunion of people who have received North Dakota’s highest honor.



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