The Issues of September, Ledbetter Included

Politico’s The Crypt blog has the scheduling e-mail from the Senate Democratic caucus outlining leadership’s plans for the remaining two-and-a-half weeks of the 110th Congress.  The House target date for adjournment is September 26, but the Senate has its doubts, reasonably so. 

Presidential and Congressional politics will drive the debate as it does every four years about this time, no mater who’s in control. Politico highlights the “Equal pay legislation” reference to conclude Senator Reid will bring back the Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, i.e., the bill to eliminate all statutes of limitations on filing employment discrimination suits. Seems a logical conclusion, especially giving Ledbetter’s prominent speaking role at the Democratic convention.

Here are several documents explaining why the Ledbetter pay legislation mostly benefits trial lawyers while actually discourages the prompt addressing of workplace discrimination.

Among the other issues the Senate Dems anticipate addressing…

  • Energy, including the Stop Excessive Energy Speculation Act, S. 3268. This Friday, Reid calls an  “Energy Summit” to discuss bipartisan plans, i.e., the “Gang of 16” umbrella-grab-bag proposal.
  • A Senate economic stimulus bill, although no details.
  • Tax Extenders.
  • Appropriations and the continuing resolution. 
  • Equal pay legislation 
  • Advancing America’s Priorities Act, S. 3297 (the Coburn bill)
  • Warm in Winter and Cool in Summer Act, S. 3186 (the LIHEAP bill)
  • Americans with Disabilities Act Restoration Act; and 
  • Media Shield


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