On the House Floor Today, Depression-Era Topics

On today’s House suspension calendar, i.e., two-thirds support needed for passage, is S. 3350, waiving federal claims to documents held by the estate of Grace Tully, FDR’s confidential secretary. He dictated the declaration of war against the Empire of Japan to her. Summary:

Grace Tully began working for Eleanor Roosevelt in 1928 while Franklin Delano Roosevelt was running for Governor of New York. She then worked in a number of capacities for Franklin Delano Roosevelt, including as his personal secretary when he was elected President. On December 7, 1941, President Roosevelt dictated to Ms. Tully a request to Congress for a declaration of war following the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor.

And the House commends the TVA on the 75th anniversary of its founding.  Funny how the TVA, once so controversial — see Amity Schlaes, The Forgotten Man — is now so accepted. Well, except by

Environmentalists sue TVA on Colbert Plant Envi… « Thomason Tracts

Environmentalists sue TVA on Colbert Plant. Environmentalists sued the Tennessee

Elk River resort lawsuit: Environmentalists gather funds to sue…

Environmentalists gather funds to sue TVA, which is pondering approving marina. By

States, Environmentalists To Sue EPA Over Greenhouse Gases

Full News Article · Back to States, Environmentalists To Sue EPA Over …. Air- quality issues related to TVA coal-fired power plants are again being hashed
Environmentalists Sue Over Dickerson Emissions | Article from The

Environmentalists Sue Over Dickerson Emissions …find The Washington Post Nitrogen oxide emissions falling: TVA official says statewide ozone down.
Mountaintop Removal Threatens Ecosystem and Economy | Project

direct attention to the perpetrators-TVA and the Office of Surface Mining (OSM).

KnoxvilleTalks.com | Knoxville, TN | > TVA

Environmentalists want more info before signing off on TVA’s request to release more warm water back into the Tennessee River.


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