No Time to Reimpose Anti-Energy Limits on Shale Oil

By September 26, 2008Economy, Energy

Las Vegas Review Journal, “Reid tries to reimpose oil shale extraction ban“:

WASHINGTON — Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., is looking for openings to reimpose a ban on oil shale extraction in the West that is on the verge of expiring, aides confirmed Thursday.

A year-end spending bill the House passed this week would let the year-old moratorium expire Monday. That cheered Republicans and fossil energy advocates who see oil shale as a piece of an overall “energy freedom” strategy.

“Oil shale extraction has not proved to be economically viable,” a Reid spokesman, Jon Summers, said Thursday. “We are all for domestic production, but this is not the best solution.”

We are all for domestic production, except for shale…and coal…and energy produced by inadequately taxed oil companies…and…

James Lileks reacts:

I’d also like to see the Congress manage to pass something without yoking a hundred dead-eyed hobby-horses to the bill, too; when I learned that Sen. Reid wanted to attach an amendment that extended the ban on shale oil exploration and drilling, almost 16% of my brain liquefied and shot out my ears., Amanda Carpenter, “Bailout Shields Reid’s Shale Ban.”

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  • Jeff says:

    Nevada voters must turn Reid out. We simply MUST do all within out power to stop buying someone else’s oil, while we can extract it from our own soil.

    Last year, we imported something like $700 billion of the stuff. Sen. Reid and many other elected politicians still don’t understand what they’re doing to us. They act like its not a big deal.

    It IS a big deal. As the Congress debates the (coincidentally?) $700 billion bailout of our financial institutions, no one….citizen or politician, either knows or cares about the trillions of dollars hemorrhaged to foreign oil producers over the past ten years. Those who know full well the cost imposed upon our Country, yet prevented domestic oil production, have committed acts of treason against by their acts. They have deliberately harmed us all.

    Reid and his like-minded cohorts in government must be turned out…replaced by those whose not blinded by the zeal for finding alternative sources of energy.

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