Next June in Detroit, a National Economic Summit

By September 22, 2008Economy

The Detroit Economic Club will sponsor a major economic and manufacturing summit next June, the Detroit Free Press reports based on a conversation with the club’s president, Beth Chappell. Details of the National Summit will be announced after Dow’s Andrew Liveris addresses the club at noon today. From the Freep:

“The inspiration to do this came from listening to the voices at our podium, time after time, calling for collaboration and the urgency to tackle key issues for the future of our country, the future of our children and grandchildren,” Chappell told me. She has been working on the idea for nearly two years and has raised more than $2 million in pledges from sponsors to finance the event, whose cochairs will be Liveris and Ford Motor Co. Executive Chairman Bill Ford Jr.

Chappell said the event will not be focused on Detroit, Michigan or the auto industry, but rather on key national issues of technology, energy, environment and manufacturing. Think of the World Economic Forum’s annual gathering of the mighty and powerful in Davos, Switzerland, but with a U.S. focus.

NAM President John Engler speaks at the Detroit Economic Club on October 13.


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