New York Times: Pro-Union, Except For Itself

By September 9, 2008Labor Unions

New York Times editorial, “The Right to Organize ,” March 6, 2007:

Labor unions have a role to play in helping to fix today’s economic ills — most notably, worsening income inequality, a problem that’s caused in part by unions’ decline and the workers’ resulting lack of bargaining power.

New York Times article, “Times Will Shut Down Its Distribution Subsidiary,” September 8, 2008:

The New York Times Company will shut down in January a subsidiary that distributes newspapers and magazines in the metropolitan area, the company announced Monday.

The move will eliminate the equivalent of 550 full-time jobs and affect the distribution of some 200 publications…[snip]

In its place, The New York Times newspaper will increase its reliance on independent distributors, which are generally nonunion and pay drivers less than City and Suburban drivers.

Alternative headlines:

“Times to Dump 500+ Union Jobs”

“Times to Worsen Income Inequality”

“Times: We Never Meant Us”


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