NAM President John Engler on Health IT

By September 12, 2008Health Care, Innovation

From today’s The Hill, “Don’t let health IT legislation flatline“:

American manufacturers have a huge stake in health IT. Working Americans face soaring healthcare costs, and employers continue to struggle to provide health benefits. Health IT has the potential to save millions of dollars for working Americans. Technology has modernized the manufacturing industry by cutting waste on the shop floor, managing inventory more effectively and speeding delivery of products. Now it’s time for Congress to apply the same cutting-edge technology that has transformed manufacturing to our nation’s healthcare system.

The life-saving, cost-reducing benefits health IT legislation can deliver to the American public make its passage imperative this year. Next year, a new administration will take office and, in the shuffle, health IT legislation could stall, forcing Americans to wait even longer.

The NAM news release from a Capitol Hill presser on Tuesday is here.


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