In the D.C. Metro System, a New Ad Campaign

By September 3, 2008Briefly Legal

In the competitive world of messaging, imaging and idea-gerunding, you have to admire folks who don’t fear satire, in this case, the good people at the Center for Consumer Freedom.  Also included in the series of posters in the D.C. Metro, the Metro Center 13th & G entrance,  are ads arguing for the freedom to eat what you damn well feel like eating.

Pate de foie gras sounds good right around now.

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  • Kendra says:

    It’s become apparent to me that it’s CSPI that has the agenda, which CCF is exposing. If they have ties to Big Food – i.e. taking bribes – I certainly prefer that to the Big Pharma ties CSPI has.

  • Mike Falvey says:

    These ads argue for this freedom at the specific behest of large food companies. There is certainly legitimacy to the point of view, but these ads are supported by big corporate interests. At least we know that CSPI and other health advocates generally are trying to look out for consumers. We know for certain that organizations like CCF are not.

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